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My grocery list

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

It’s been a long hiatus, more than 3 years since the last blog post! I’ve been busy, but fortunately not too busy to cook. Despite desert like conditions on the blog, many desserts have been prepared and enjoyed! Looking back, I think one reason me and my wife have had time to cook is our weekly dinner plan and grocery list. I do most of the shopping, and I normally only shop once a week. In stead of starting a grocery list from scratch every week I have a generic list where I can tick of what I need. There’s enough space so I can add specifications and stuff that’s not on the list. In all its simplicity it is a list of what I normally get at the grocery store, organized according to food categories and the layout of my local supermarket. This saves time! The list has been compiled and adjusted over the last 6 years. It now reflects our family, what we like to eat at the moment and what is available in our grocery store. But I’m sure you could easily adapt it to your own needs.

If you are reluctant, here’s why I think you should still give it a try: (more…)