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TGRWT #4: Trout with peppermint and mustard sauce

Thursday, July 26th, 2007

My first idea for this month’s TGRWT was to marinate some meat with mustard, peppermint and garlic. The meat was OK, but it wasn’t great and the flavors didn’t really come through. There was either something missing or the balance was wrong. I also suspect that the mint flavor is not very well suited for BBQ’ing.

The peppermint mustard marinade didn’t work out quite as expected.

Instead of tinkering more with the marinade I decided to google mint and mustard and found a recipe from the blog Beyond Salmon which I modified slightly:

Peppermint and mustard sauce
6 T sour cream
2 T mustard (coarse type)
1 T brandy/cognac
1 T white wine vinegar
1-2 T coarsly chopped fresh peppermint
1-2 t sugar
1-2 t worcestershire sauce

Mix all ingredients. The amounts are quite approximate, all spices should be added to taste.


I served the sauce with oven grilled trout fillets, rice and steamed broccoli. The fish is easily prepared: Lay out the fillets in an oven proof tray, brushed with olive oil and maple syrup, sprinkled with salt and pepper and grilled for approximately 6-8 min at 200 °C (depending on thickness). Use thermometer if desired and aim at a core temperature of 45-50 °C.

Verdict: The sauce has a fresh, light tartness. Peppermint and mustard compliment each other very well. All in all a very delicate sauce. I wish I had made some more!

Peppermint leaf in the rain, seconds before it was harvested for the sauce.

TGRWT #4: Mint and mustard

Thursday, July 5th, 2007


I just wanted to let you all know that Dennis at Kookjegek will be hosting the next round of “They go really well together” (TGRWT #4). Deadline for submission is August 1st. Ingredients to pair this time are mint and mustard. Also, do check out Evelin’s excellent round-up of TGRWT #3 which featured strawberries and coriander.