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French book on flavor pairing of food and wine

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


The Canadian sommerlier Franí§ois Chartier (he has an extensive website featuring several blogs, including a section named Sommellerie moléculaire) is out with a new book on food and wine pairing. It’s not just another (superfluous) book on the subject. As the title Papilles et molécules (= Tastebuds and Molecules, unfortunately not available in English) suggests there is some science involved. It turns out in fact that he has applied the principles of flavor pairing to food and wine. With help from Richard Béliveau from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Martin Loignon from PerkinElmer he has analyzed wines and food and comes up with the following suggestions for lamb, as described in the article “Chemistry-set wine pairing”:

Chocolate with pepper, rosemary, juniper and cured meat

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

As a followup to the previous posts on chocolate pairings (chocolate sauerkraut cake and chocolate + caraway and other pairings), here’s a picture of an exotic chocolate I got for Christmas. It’s from Schloss Bí¼ckeburg in Germany, but a label on the back says it’s made in Austria (possibly by Johannes Bachhalm, one of Austria’s most famous chocolatiers).


Sprinkled on top the chocolate you see green and pink peppercorns! Furthermore it’s flavoured with vanilla, rosemary, juniper and cured red deer meat. What it tastes like? The pepper certainly goes well with the chocolate. Rosemary and juniper add some freshness. The taste of cured meat was more difficult to identify, but I guess it did add som saltiness. All in all very tasty!