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Copenhagen MG seminar: MG meets the internet (part 8)

Monday, May 30th, 2011

(you can click through the entire presentation at the end of this post)

I really enjoyed taking part in the recent MG seminar in Copenhagen, and the greatest surprise was when I received a kind email from Michael Bom Frøst last year where he invited me to give a presentation on how molecular gastronomy has been communicated during the last couple of years. As many of you know the blog and my popular science activities are only a hobby, so it was a great honour indeed to present side by side with all the other people who spend whole days working on the subject. I arrived at the title “Molecular gastronomy meets the internet – Can blogs benefit popular food science?”. I started by looking at how Gartner’s hype cycle fits with the phenomena molecular gastronomy (I’ve touched briefly upon this before). To me the publication of Modernist Cuisine and the announced launches of the Flavour journal and the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science suggest that we are approaching the plateau of productivity (but not quite there yet – we’re still waiting for the actual launch of these journals). Furthermore molecular gastronomy is still perceived as less scientific. Few publishing channels integrate the scientific and practical aspects of molecular gastronomy, and in my presentation I argued that self publishing plays an important role. I focused primarily on blogs, but it’s interesting to note (without any further comparison!) that even Nathan Myhrvold turned to self publishing with Modernist Cuisine. To conclude the presentation, I shared some of my experiences as a blogger and encouraged the chefs and scientists present to start their own blogs. You may click through the slides from my presentation below:

MG seminars in NY starting today: Better cooking through chemistry

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Shirley O’Corriher, author of the excellent book Cookwise, will host seminars on molecular gastronomy in New York. First topic is “Better cooking through chemistry” followed by “The science of wine”, The science of beer”, “The science of taste” and “The science of cheese”. More info with directions and how to join here.

MG seminars in Switzerland (November 2006 – April 2007)

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

In Switzerland, associate professor Marc Heyraud at the department of chemistry at University of Neuchí¢tel organizes a course series on molecular gastronomy, starting November 1st. Totaling 7 days in Neuchí¢tel and 2 days in Paris (visiting Hervé This), the course covers many different aspects of molecular gastronomy: history, definitions, basic food molecules such as sugars, proteins and fats, taste, texture and temperature. For more information, download this pdf (note that the course and the pdf are in French).