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Carbonated strawberries

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Here’s some pictures of an experiment I did with strawberries and dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide which holds a temperature of -78 °C. What is fascinating is that dry ice does not melt – it sublimes, which means that it turns directly into carbon dioxide gas.

The idea was to create a carbonated fruit which gives a sparkling sensation in the mouth. I have used strawberries, but any juicy fruit with a moist surface could be used. Water melons would be perfect!

The chemistry explained in simple terms:


A schematic drawing of the container:


To prevent the plate from touching the dry ice (which would cause the strawberries to freeze), I put in a wooden triangle first.


Put the plate with strawberry halves on top of the wooden triangle. Cover with a kitchen towel (do NOT cover with a tight fitting cover – remember that as CO2 sublimes, it expands, and this would create a huge pressure ultimately resulting in an explosion), and leave for 30 minutes.


Eat and enjoy!

Update: Carbonated fruit the iSi way!

Flavor pairing – try this at home!

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

If two different foods share one or more volatile molecules, chances are they can taste pretty nice when eaten together. A further discussion of the science behind can be found here. I justed wanted to share a picture of the simplest possible way this can be done. White chocolate/black caviar (top left – this is one of Heston Blumenthals signature combinations!), strawberries and coriander leafs, pineapple and blue cheese, and banana and parsley. Definitely very strange, but when eaten together, the tastes more or less blend together. Convince yourself and try this at home!

examples of flavor pairing

Any readers with fantasy to create exciting dishes based on such flavor pairings? Suggestions and links are welcome!