Finally in English: Kitchen mysteries


Following the success of the English translation of Molecular gastronomy – Exploring the Science of Flavor (original title: Casseroles et éprouvettes), Hervé This book Kitchen mysteries (original title: Les secrets de la casserole) will appear in October 2007, and is already available for pre-order. As far as I know this book has already appeared in German as Rí¤tsel der Kochkunst (and I guess in Spanish with the title La Cocina y Sus Misterios). As you can see from the list of foreign language books on molecular gastronomy, there’s still a whole number of books to be translated. Exciting times to come!

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  1. Mo Says:

    This book has been published in Italian in 1995 (a new edition was reprinted in 2003) with the title “I segreti della pentola. Guida di gastronomia molecolare”

  2. Erik Says:

    At last! Thanks for drawing my attention to this.